BANNED: Madison nursing home to reopen under new name August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

Madison, Wisconsin — Madison nursing homes have reopened under a new name.

The Madison County Board of Nursing announced the change Wednesday.

It comes just days after the state’s health commissioner banned the Madison Nursing Home in Madison from operating under its new name in the state of Wisconsin.

The new name for Madison’s nursing home is Barnwell Nursing Home.

The nursing home was closed in 2011 after an inspection found it had not been properly licensed.

In an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal, a nursing home spokesman, David Groske, said the nursing home had not had a formal review of its licensure since March 2011.

The state has not licensed Barnwell since.

In December, Wisconsin became the first state in the nation to ban nursing homes from operating without a license.