Florida Nursing Home News: ‘Weirdo’ to Get a New Life in Florida August 8, 2021 August 8, 2021 admin

Flushing Meadows Nursing Home is bringing back a long-lost family member to the facility, and she’s not your average “Weird” doll.

A man named Brian, who was born in Brooklyn but lived in Brooklyn until he was 3 years old, is getting a new life in Florida.

Brian has cerebral palsy and has been missing since April 18.

“It’s a relief for me,” Brian’s mother, Heather, told the Orange County Register.

“He was such a big part of my life, he was always there for me, always in my life.

I had such a huge crush on him.”

Heather says Brian is doing well, but that he has a long road ahead.

“We’re trying to find a way to help him get his life back together and be able to have a normal life again, and he needs to have that life back, so I’m trying to do everything I can to make sure he has that life.”

Brian will be moved to a nursing home in the next couple of weeks, but Heather says she has no idea when that will happen.

“I can’t say what time it will be, but I can tell you it will probably be this week or the week after,” she said.

“And that’s a big relief for us.”

The family hopes to have Brian back soon.

“Brian is a sweet boy,” Heather said.

He is just an ordinary, loving little boy.

He loves playing, running around and taking in the world around him.

And his best friend is his best buddy, he’s a little boy that just wants to be friends.

“Every day he is in the yard, he is playing, and when he comes out of the yard he is jumping and playing and he is loving life,” Heather told the Register.

They plan to visit his family in Brooklyn soon.

The family says Brian has been gone for more than a month and hasn’t left the house for three months.

“This has been a real struggle, and it’s a lot of work,” Heather explained.

“For us to have him back and be with his family and be around him and be loved by him, that’s really what we’ve been trying to make that is our priority.”

Brian was born with cerebral palsys, which makes him very hard to communicate with.

He can’t sit still and communicate, so he needs a hand to help communicate.

But his family says he has made a huge difference in their lives.

“You’re really blessed to have somebody like Brian, and so thankful for him,” Heather added.

“So, I want to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done, for everything he’s given us.”