How the Fairfield Nursing Home is changing the way Americans access health care July 16, 2021 July 16, 2021 admin

Fairfield, Iowa—It’s been almost a decade since the nursing home where I live closed.

It was an eventful time for me.

I had my first son and, as I was walking into the home with him, I saw that a family friend, a woman named Kathy, was in a coma.

She had died of pneumonia a few weeks earlier.

A few weeks after that, I went back to Fairfield and was shocked to see that Kathy was not alone.

I went in to see Kathy’s family and saw how they were coping with the loss of Kathy and what they were trying to do.

Kathy was one of the few people I knew who cared deeply about her son, and she was trying to keep her son alive, even if it meant that her son could not get medical treatment.

I thought about the time I spent with Kathy’s parents when I was working at a hospital.

They did not have the same sense of care that I had, and I was devastated.

I came home and cried with them.

The next morning I saw Kathy’s body and the next morning, I felt like I had to tell Kathy’s story.

Kathy’s mother and her husband, James and Kathleen, were distraught.

I talked to them and I saw the grief.

Kathy had come to Fairfields nursing home for three years.

She loved her job, her home, her community.

She wanted to do her best to keep Kathy alive, but the hospital was not there for her.

And, as we drove through Fairfield one afternoon, I thought to myself, what happened to Kathy?

Kathy was the only person who could help.

It took months for Kathy’s care to improve, but it was clear that she was doing her best.

It made me feel better.

But, I was also in shock that she could not live.

Kathy worked hard, and the nursing staff was wonderful.

Kathy knew her job and knew that she cared deeply.

Kathy could be a good nurse, but she needed help.

Kathy and James took their time to get to know Kathy, to learn about her, to help Kathy, and to keep working to help her.

She was in the hospital when the nursing homes closed, but that did not stop her from getting to know and love her community and her family.

Kathy took care of me, but I also cared for her, too.

I was a nurse in the nursing program at the time and knew how much she loved her family, and that was important to her.

When she came back to the nursing center, she did everything to help the family and help Kathy.

I saw her so often at home, with the kids and the elderly, that it felt like a family.

I knew that Kathy could not have done this alone.

It really touched me.

She is still in my prayers.

I am so thankful to Kathy and her entire family for everything that they have done.

The last thing I want to do is to lose Kathy.

She meant so much to us, and we all feel very lucky to have known her.

Now, Kathy is at home.

She has not been a burden on us.

I know that she is very proud of her husband and the care that she provided to Kathy.

When I go home to Fairmont, I see Kathy with her husband every day.

I see them, and it makes me proud.

Kathy is not alone in her grief.

The nurses at Fairfield have done everything to make sure that the nursing facility is able to keep their community safe and healthy.

I thank the nurses for their dedication and dedication to keeping Fairfield in good hands.

I want them to continue that dedication and continue to care for our community.

I look forward to working with Kathy and all the staff at Fairmont to make Fairfield a great place to live and work.

We need to build trust and understanding between patients and staff, and trust and compassion between the families and the community.

The nursing home at Fairfields is a good example of how caring and caring-for-each-other can go hand-in-hand.

The community is so grateful to the staff of Fairfield for their efforts.

I feel blessed to work for a place where our community and the health care system are united.

I would like to thank Kathy, James, and Kathleen for everything they have given to Fairford.

We are all so grateful for their contributions.

I will work with them every day to keep Fairfield safe and keep it that way.

Kathy will be missed.

James and Kathy are in their 70s.

They have been caring for a sick family member, and now, they have to care again for another.

They are not just caring for their family, they are caring for us, too, and will be greatly missed by the entire Fairfield community.