How to get a concussion in nursing homes August 29, 2021 August 29, 2021 admin

A new federal study suggests some nursing homes are doing more to help their residents with symptoms of concussion than they do in the past.CBC News reports that in the last six months, there have been more than 200 concussions diagnosed in Ontario’s hospitals.

That’s almost double the number diagnosed in the same period in 2015, the study shows.CBC says it is unclear why there have not been more concussions reported in Ontario.

But the report says that nursing homes need to work harder to reduce the number of concussions that patients are experiencing.

The study says the nursing homes have a responsibility to educate patients and provide information to their care teams about how to protect themselves from head injuries.

“It’s also important for the nursing home to educate the residents about how concussion can impact their daily lives and their mental health, said Dr. Anne McLeod, associate professor of nursing at Concordia University.”

We need to be more mindful of the safety measures they’re using and the precautions they’re taking,” said McLeod.

The study says that the most common symptoms patients experience include headache, fatigue, dizziness and weakness.

It also says that symptoms may be worse in nursing home residents who have experienced head injuries and who have difficulty concentrating or sleeping.

It also says patients who have suffered a concussion should be evaluated by a qualified medical professional.

In the past, the Ontario government has taken a cautious approach to head injuries, and there have never been any reported cases of patients dying in a nursing home from concussion.

The health ministry says that there are measures that nursing home patients can take to help protect themselves.”

The primary objective of this study was to determine whether the extent of nursing home concussion has changed over the past six months,” said the ministry in a news release.”

To this end, we have launched a pilot project with a subset of our nursing homes in the Greater Toronto Area to determine the extent to which their staffing levels have improved over the last 6 months.

“McLeod said the pilot program has already helped improve the nursing-home health system and is being replicated across Ontario.”

It’s very important to continue to monitor the nursing services and to have a comprehensive and detailed plan in place to reduce risk factors and prevent concussion.”