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The nursing home at the corner of North and N. Iowa streets is known for its hospice patients.

But the nursing home is also known for a thriving nursing home business.

The nursing homes are located at the intersection of North Iowa Street and East South Iowa Street.

The Iowa City Register says it was the Nursing Home at the Corner that has had a busy year.

The Register reports that a nursing home owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said the nursing homes have become “a major draw in Iowa.”

“We have a big clientele here,” he said.

The resident said the area around the nursing houses has become known for the hospice, which can be found at most of the nursing facilities in the city.

Many residents, like the resident, say they work long hours to make ends meet.

The building that houses the nursinghome is named for the former head of the Hospice, the Rev. William J. Mims.

The nurse who is seen in the video was not there when the video went viral, but she did send us the following message to share her thoughts.

“We appreciate the attention, love and support that you have shown us over the past several weeks,” the resident said in the message.

“It means a lot to us and to the family that has been suffering.

Our hearts are broken.

Thank you.”

The nurse says she has not been able to make much money at the nursing house.

She says she is still caring for the families of those that died.

The family has asked the public to stop and take photos with the family members who are still inside the nursing facility.