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Posted May 06, 2019 12:24:18 South Australia is hoping to start taking on home care robots as part of its long-term vision for its state’s nursing homes.

The state’s new government announced on Tuesday it was planning to invest $1.6 billion in the technology.

Its called the “state of the art” nursing home robot and it will be able to pick up patients at the hospital and care for them there.

“The robot is an automated, highly-skilled machine that can perform an assessment and assess patient health in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner,” South Australian Minister for Health Tom Koutsantonis said.

“We are developing a national model for home care robotics that will enable the use of robotic services in hospitals and other health facilities around the country.”

This new national model will be an integral part of the health system of the state and will provide a pathway for other states to follow suit.

“The state will be the first in Australia to put a robot in a nursing home and is also the first state to take a step towards introducing a robot to its elderly population.

Mr Koutsaconis said the new robot would be used in a “surgical setting”.”

It is the first robotic system we have in South Australian nursing homes,” he said.

The system will be capable of carrying out a variety of tasks, including cleaning, cooking and feeding patients, he said, adding the robots could be used to provide a “safety net” for nursing homes where people are struggling.”

These robots will also be able and ready to respond in case of emergencies,” Mr Koutsantois said, saying the state would be “proud” of its role in the creation of this robot.”

They will be trained by trained experts to carry out their roles in a way that is safe and effective,” he added.

Mr Skelton said the state wanted to be the “next big” when it came to robotic technology and had a “high confidence” that the robot would meet the requirements of the national model.”

It will not be an overnight process, it will take a long time for this to come into effect, but we are very confident it will come into full use within a short period of time,” he told ABC South West.”

When it is ready, we will roll it out to other areas of the community.

“As well, we have to take into account the requirements in our own nursing homes, particularly those in the southern suburbs, to ensure they are ready to be able use these robots.”

The new robot is expected to be available for use in 2020.

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