How to make your own springhill nursing homes July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021 admin

A couple from New Hampshire is using their springhill home to house an influx of nursing home patients from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The couple, Jennifer and Tom O’Malley, have opened Springhill Nursing Home and will be working with the nursing homes in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to help manage and maintain the nursing home.

“We are so grateful for all of the support and love we have received from all of you and the people that have come in to help,” Jennifer O’Mala said.

Springhill is a retirement home for retired nursing home residents in the Blue Rock Mountains of New Hampshire.

It has a long history of providing care to residents and has a number of long-standing services.

The O’Mahals have had the nursing facility open for several years, but it was the Blue Creek Mountains facility that was their first foray into nursing home management.

They said that when they first opened their nursing home in January, the staff and patients at Springhill were overwhelmed.

“We’ve had so many people coming in to us, we’ve got to be able to care for them and we can’t do it alone,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer O’McAin has taken on an expanded role at SpringHill as its director of resident services.

Jennifer said she is proud of her family’s care, but also wants to make sure the facility has a secure nursing home environment.

“When we open our nursing home it will be a safe place, it will have adequate staffing and it will offer a good quality of life for our residents,” she said.