India: Five hospitals in nursing homes have been accused of killing newborns September 8, 2021 September 8, 2021 admin

Five nursing homes in Maharashtra have been placed on a government blacklist of facilities where newborns can be treated for acute neonatal infection.

Five nursing homes, all in the north Indian state of Maharashtra, have been cited for failing to keep newborns safe, according to an investigative report published on Tuesday.

The report by the Maharashtra State Medical Commission (MSMC) said the hospitals had been found to have failed to provide appropriate care to newborns who were in critical condition.

The hospitals were found to be overcrowded and not adequately ventilated.

The MSMC said the failure to protect newborns from the infection was a contributing factor in the deaths.

“While we are aware that a certain number of newborns are dying at the hands of the nursing homes and are not being treated appropriately, this is not an isolated incident.

It is not just a nursing home problem, but also a major problem in the state,” MSMC Chairman Dr. P.P. Sreenivasan told The Times of India newspaper.

The list of hospitals was issued in a draft report by a panel comprising officials of the State Health Department and officials from the Central Medical Commission.

The state government has said the health ministry was also involved in the listing of the five nursing homes. 

A nursing home is a facility in which newborns, as young as one month old, are kept for care by doctors.

The facility is not required to be registered under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

It can only be registered as a facility under the Home Care and Development Scheme.