‘It was a nightmare’: Two residents killed in ‘massacre’ at Oakview nursing homes September 13, 2021 September 13, 2021 admin

A mother and her two daughters were found dead at a nursing home in northwest Oakview on Sunday.

A manhunt was underway for the suspected gunman, and the hospital was evacuated after receiving reports of multiple gunshot wounds.

Two nursing home residents were killed and two others wounded in the incident at Hillsview Nursing Home, a nursing facility located about 45 minutes outside of San Diego.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that a manhunt began after a caller called 911 to report a shooting.

“The caller reported multiple shots fired at Hillside Nursing Home in Riverside County, Calif.,” the statement said.

Two residents were found in the parking lot, the sheriff’s department said.

“One of the victims was found dead inside a vehicle and the other victim was found in a nearby vehicle.

A third person was found injured and transported to a hospital.

The injuries appear to be non-life threatening,” the statement continued.

Authorities said the gunman was later identified as Robert E. Martin, 41, a resident of the Riverside County town of Crestwood.

The Riverside County Coroner’s Office said Martin had a history of mental health issues and was a registered sex offender.

The sheriff’s office said the shooting happened shortly after 3 p.m.

Saturday at the nursing home.

A spokesperson for the Riverside county coroner’s office told the Associated Press the hospital received multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired.

After receiving the calls, the hospital closed its doors and issued a lockdown, the spokesperson said.