Jennings Nursing Home in Kensington has gone to the market July 12, 2021 July 12, 2021 admin

Kensington nursing homes have gone to market, with the owner of the Jennes nursing home in Kens and Elizabeth, Nellie Johnson, confirming the move.

Ms Johnson, who has been running the Kensington facility since it opened in 2007, confirmed that the property has gone up for sale to an unnamed buyer.

She said it was a real shock to see a market go up for a property that had been in her family for 50 years.

“I feel like it’s very special,” she said.

“The whole reason that I bought it was because I saw it as the perfect home for me and my family.”

Ms Johnson said that a buyer had contacted her to arrange a home and said that her son, who had dementia, had not been able to work since he left for a year-and-a-half.

“He’s very well-liked, so I’m not surprised at all,” she explained.

Ms Smith, the owner, said that the home was in “excellent condition” with no issues.

“It’s a beautiful property with a lovely view over the city,” she told The Hindu.

“We’ve got a fantastic pool, it’s got great views, a fantastic view of the river.”

When I was in nursing home six years ago, I realised that my daughter-in-law and I could have a beautiful home that would be perfect for her, so we’re very excited.

“Ms Smith said that she was confident that she and her family would be able to maintain a home that she described as “absolutely amazing”.”

I am really happy to have a family, and I have two beautiful children who are both extremely bright and smart,” she added.”

So, I feel really blessed that we have a home here that I can give them and to give my children the best life.

“Ms Jannings said that in addition to the children, her husband and their three children would be staying in the home.”

My husband and his family have been here for the past two years, so it’s a family of four,” she noted.”

They’re very happy and excited to have this home.

“My children, who are between four and five years old, will have their own room.

They’ll have a bedroom and they’ll be able play there.”

Ms Johnsons daughter- in-law, a former nursing home resident, said she was “extremely proud” of the facility.

“Our family is extremely happy and we love it here,” she concluded.

“Everyone is so happy here.”