Laconia Nursing Home to close its doors for good August 11, 2021 August 11, 2021 admin

Laconic Hills Nursing Home in Concord, New Hampshire, has announced it will close its nursing home doors after nearly three decades.

Laconic Falls, New Mexico, also has closed its doors following a similar decision from the New Mexico State Nursing Home Review Commission.

A spokesperson for Laconice Hills said the closure is “due to our continuing financial need.”

A spokesperson from Concord said the nursing home has been “in the midst of the Great Recession for more than a decade and has been in a financial straitjacket ever since the closing of the former Concord Laconite.”

The nursing home closed in 2011, after closing for nearly three years due to a lack of available staff.

Lincoln Falls, Nebraska, closed its nursing homes in 2010 and 2011, as well.

Both Lincoln Falls and Lincoln Hills closed in 2016, as the nursing homes had both experienced high occupancy rates and high cost of living pressures.

Lancaster County, New Jersey, is also considering closing its nursing facilities following a recommendation by the New Jersey State Nursing Board.

Lancerne Health Care, a nursing home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, also closed its facilities in 2018, after facing high cost-of-living pressures.

In the meantime, a new home is being built for the families of former nursing home residents in West Virginia.

Lanterne Health, in a press release, said that it will continue to build a new community for the residents of the facility, which opened in 2015.

Lanesville, Texas, will also be closing its doors this year after losing a nursing facility that was built in the early 1900s.

Lane County officials have announced that a new nursing home will open in the area in 2018.

The new facility will be for nursing home patients with a long-term condition, and will have the capacity for up to 40 beds.

Lansdale County, Texas is also building a new facility for patients with chronic diseases and conditions.

Lanesdale County officials announced the move in September, after announcing the closing in 2016.