Sisters at Concord nursing home say staff ‘abused and bullied’ September 10, 2021 September 10, 2021 admin

Sydney’s three nursing homes are facing a series of claims by parents that staff members abused and bullied them during their stay there, the latest of which emerged on Tuesday.

The families say the facilities were failing to care for their children.

They allege staff members in Concord, in the city’s east, had a “disgraceful” policy of forcing them to take medication or give them the wrong medication.

It also claimed staff did not attend the children’s social events, or offer to pay for meals or take them to a local cafe.

It said the policy also caused parents to feel “betrayed” and “disgusted”.

The mothers of the three nursing home families allege they were subjected to “an atmosphere of fear” during their time there.

The children were allegedly taken from their homes in November and December of last year and given the wrong medicine and medication in some cases, they claim.

They say staff members also did not respond to calls to take their children to local cafes or to their local parks, even after the children had complained about their behaviour.

In one case, they allege staff gave the wrong child a prescription to buy more medication.

“I don’t know what the hell they’re supposed to do if you don’t give them that medication,” the mother of one of the nursing homes’ families, whose children are aged 10, 10 and 13, told the ABC.

“We just wanted our kids to be happy, not to be bullied or abused.”

The children in each home are aged between five and 15.

The mother said the family was also not given enough food or enough clothing to get to their children’s local parks or to play outside.

“They’re not allowed to have any kind of contact with them and they’re not getting enough food to feed their kids,” she said.

The mothers said the policies at the Concord nursing homes “felted” the children.

The ABC understands the complaints are being investigated by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The Council is a federal government agency responsible for the regulation of nursing homes, which are operated by the state governments of New South Wales and Victoria.

The four nursing homes in the state, all located in Sydney’s east and north, are operated in a complex of four buildings that sit on the same property.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Nursing and midwiferies Council said the NSW government had been notified of the allegations.

“The council will conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain whether any action has been taken and to determine the appropriate response to any of the issues raised,” she told the BBC.

The three nursing facilities in the east are located in North Sydney and are owned by the NSW State Government.

The women said they have been unable to access the childrens homes since December.

The NSW Nursing Council did not comment on the allegations on Tuesday night.

The parents said the children were also not allowed out of the homes for visits to the park or to a nearby cafe, and were not given adequate food or clothes.

The New South Welsh government said it was “deeply concerned” by the allegations and that it was considering whether it should launch a formal complaint.

“Our first concern is for the welfare of the children,” the NSW Premier said.

The ABC has contacted Concord, Trinity and a local nursing home. “

Any allegations of abuse or neglect of a child should be thoroughly investigated.”

The ABC has contacted Concord, Trinity and a local nursing home.

A spokesperson for the Victorian government said there was “no suggestion that any child has been subjected to maltreatment”.