The Clappons Nursing Home opens its doors to patients in November July 11, 2021 July 11, 2021 admin

CLAPPONS, Ohio — The Clapps Nursing Home opened its doors Wednesday to residents seeking the comfort of home health care and the warmth of the family unit.

The hospital is in Clappton, which is about 30 miles east of Cleveland, and is a collaboration between Clappon Hills Hospital and Clappmans Hospital.

Patients will be able to walk in the entrance hall and walk around the hospital grounds.

The nursing home has the amenities of a home health clinic, including 24-hour emergency services, and a secure, secure home health room.

The Claps are currently home to about 60 patients, according to the hospital.

It has the highest occupancy rate of any facility in Claps history.

The facility was originally established to care for patients at a nursing home in West Virginia, according the nursing home’s website.

It was later renamed to the Clappalls Nursing Home in 2016 after Clapptons Memorial Hospital closed.

The home is located on the property owned by the Claps family.

The family moved to the area from California in 2001 and has grown the facility to about 200 beds.

The number of residents is about 70, including the elderly and the homeless.

Clappones residents have a wide variety of medical and dental needs and have been treated at the facility since the 1990s, according.