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LONDON –  “I feel sorry for the people who can’t get on the phone, but they should get a telephone call, they should call a GP.”

So says Karen Wilson, a mother of two in the affluent Brentwood area of west London, when she hears the sound of a phone ringing.

Her voice, which is so low it sounds like it is being recorded, is followed by a message from the nursing home she lives in, but for a different reason.

“They have got a message for me and they’re just calling from the emergency department, but it’s from the care home.

They have called the emergency ward.

They want me to come and pick them up because they’ve got something urgent.

I feel sorry, because I can’t really help them,” she says.

It is one of several similar incidents, in a number of nursing homes around the UK, in which elderly residents have been threatened with eviction because they cannot access phone and internet services.

In October, a group of elderly people in Birmingham were threatened with homelessness after their home was declared a safety risk by the local authority.

The group had been in the care of the Care Homes Association for over 30 years and were concerned that their situation was deteriorating.

At least five elderly residents in Birmingham have now been evicted from their homes, but a number more are in the process of being evicted, and it is not clear whether they will be able to continue living in the homes.

“I’m sorry for them because they need their carers and their carer is just in danger,” Wilson says.

Wilson’s family home in Brentwood is surrounded by three other nursing homes, all of which have been declared unsafe.

She has spoken to two of the nursing homes residents about their concerns, but has received no response.

“I am really disappointed, because we have got the elderly here, but the nursing staff are so stressed, and we just feel that we can’t cope,” she adds.

Nursing home crisis in Brentford One of the most dangerous nursing homes in Brentfords vicinity is the Care Home of the Year in Brent.

It is in the same building as the Brentwood Nursing Home and is a one-bedroom unit, but in another building, the care and support services are being housed in a three-bedroom apartment.

The Nursing Home of The Year, Brent, has been the subject of a number similar incidents.

Earlier this year, the elderly residents of a nursing home in Essex, who were also being evicted, claimed they had been left without a home because of safety concerns.

A letter from the Carehome of The World, a non-profit that runs a network of care homes, said: “A number of the elderly in the CareHome of The City of London are experiencing significant stress in the living conditions and conditions of their care homes and are in need of urgent services.”

A spokesperson for the Care Foundation, which runs the nursing services in Brent, said it had received two complaints about the care homes.

“We have received one complaint from the resident of the Brent Nursing Home.

We are aware of a complaint about the Care home in the Brent Estate of Kent.

We have not received any complaints from residents of the other two Brent nursing homes,” the spokesperson said.

However, the Care foundation has now said it is investigating the incidents.