Two nursing homes in Florida ordered to pay $7.3 million in child abuse and neglect cases October 28, 2021 October 28, 2021 admin

UPDATE 2/28/17 12:45:08 SUNDAY, February 28, 2017 Updated 2/28.17  MISSISSIPPI, Ohio (AP) A federal judge on Tuesday ordered two nursing homes that care for infants in Florida to pay more than $7 million to more than 100 children in cases of abuse and exploitation.

The state’s attorney general’s office said it plans to appeal the ruling.

The two nursing home owners, who had sued to block the settlements, argued that the payments should be delayed until the families can meet their demands.

They also said the money should be used to pay for care for other victims.

In a statement Tuesday, attorney general Bill Schuette said, “This lawsuit seeks to force a change in our justice system, one that would make it much easier to prosecute cases of child abuse.

This is unacceptable.”

The judge said he’s also authorized a court to review the state’s decision to withhold the money.

He says it could cost the state tens of millions of dollars.