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News Corp Australia Updated November 06, 2019 08:48:30Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has unveiled a policy that would allow a nursing home to operate in a separate, self-funded system that is similar to the nursing home model currently in place in Australia.

Key points:Queenslanders will be able to choose whether to opt for a single nursing home or a multi-care facilityThis will mean that a nursing centre can be expanded into a nursing unit or a nursing suiteIn her first speech since announcing her premiership, Premier Annalisa Palasza said the move would create more choices for residentsThe move will allow residents in multi-residential nursing homes to choose between an affordable option and a single, self funded facility.

Ms Palaszzuk said the new policy would give residents more choice, but there was still work to be done to bring the new model to the rest of the country.

“I’m announcing this because we need to create a system that allows us to create the best possible environment for the people who live here,” Ms Palaszi said.

“That’s why I’m announcing that we are going to allow residents to choose what kind of facility they want to live in.”

Ms Palasczuk said residents would not be forced to choose.

“There will be no discrimination, and we will be the ones deciding who will live in a nursing facility and who will not,” she said.”[The decision] will not be based on anything other than who has the most need.

It will be based only on who is best suited to live there.”

Ms Pasczczak said the policy would provide a framework for more self-sufficiency and affordability, and would allow the State Government to build more multi-residence nursing homes.

“We’re very confident we can build more facilities with the funding and the staff we have and with the resources we have available,” she told the ABC.

Ms Paszuk added the policy was not a change to the existing rules and would be rolled out over the next three years.

“This is an example of a different way of doing things,” she explained.

“The other thing that will be coming in is a policy to allow people to opt out and be able decide whether they want their facility to be in a multi or a single facility.”

Ms Plaszcyk said the state would not become a “bonded” system.

“No matter what you do, you can’t have a nursing resident or a resident with a family member who is living in a care home, whether it’s a private home, a hospital, a nursing community or a home for the aged,” she added.

“If you have a resident who is a carer, or has a care client, then you can only be in one place at a time.”

Ms Przeszczek said the plan would allow more choice for the community.

“As a care provider, as a nurse, as someone who cares for the elderly, you want the best outcome for them and you want to be able not only to provide that but also have the option to move back in to that facility when they’re finished,” she noted.

The ABC has been unable to independently verify whether the new system would allow for a nursing care home to be established in a self-sustaining facility.

Queenslands Health Minister Dr Michael O’Brien said he was confident that the new arrangement would not cause a problem for existing facilities.

“For the most part we’ve seen no issues,” he said.

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