When nursing home owner says nursing home will close due to climate change July 30, 2021 July 30, 2021 admin

CLINTON NURSING HOME Owner says nursing homes will close as climate change worsens.

Nursing home owners in the northern part of Connecticut are warning residents about a possible shutdown of their facilities due to worsening conditions in the state.

In a letter to residents posted on the nursing home’s Facebook page Wednesday, owner Michelle Boudreau said the nursing homes in Monroe, Clinton and Sunnyview will close during the summer.

She said residents will be required to vacate their homes during the next few weeks.

Boudreau did not provide a timeline for the closures.

Boudéres website says the Monroe nursing home is a home for adults and children with dementia and has long been a focal point for advocacy for the vulnerable.

The Monroe nursing homes is also home to a large number of nursing home residents with dementia.

Nursers from Monroe and other communities across Connecticut have also taken to social media to express concern about the worsening conditions.