Which Bayside Nursing Home Is the Most Dangerous? October 29, 2021 October 29, 2021 admin

Laconia, Georgia, home of a nursing home who was the site of the fatal stabbing of two nursing assistants, is not a safe place to be in Georgia.

The state’s Department of Health said that while Laconias facility is “a very dangerous place to work,” it was the safest of the four facilities that received the least number of complaints from the public in the last year.

The nursing home has a total of 11 complaints and received 1,958 complaints.

The facility was placed on a “critical incident alert” by the state in August. 

The facility has been on a critical incident alert since June. 

On June 2, the nursing home’s manager, David Sargent, was killed by a knife attack outside the nursing center.

The investigation found that Sargant, who was a licensed professional nurse and a licensed physical therapist, had not properly supervised the employees at the facility. 

According to the nursing staff, Sargens behavior toward the employees was erratic and disruptive.

In addition, the workers said Sargents erratic behavior and the staff’s lack of supervision left the facility in an unstable situation. 

After the attack, Laconias chief nursing officer, Sharon McDonough, said that she “felt so sick to my stomach” when she found out about the attack. 

“I know how much it hurts for those people that have been there for so long,” she said. 

She said that Sager had previously been reprimanded by the nursing board and was “under investigation” for his actions. 

Sargent’s death came just months after the state closed the nursing facility.

Sargenter, who had a long history of violence, was also a licensed practical nurse.

According to Laconiakas Department of Emergency Management, the Baysides nursing home received more than 1,000 complaints from residents, residents’ representatives, and the public about the nursing care facility.

A total of 3,097 complaints were made in 2016, according to the agency.

“We want to work with Laconiacos staff and the community to make sure we’re treating the people that are in the care as if they’re our own,” Laconiatas Chief Nursing Officer, Sharon Sargen, told WSB-TV. 

McDonough also said that the nursing workers had asked her to remove her husband from the facility, but she refused. 

As a result, the facility was closed on April 26, 2019. 

Despite being a nursing facility, the state has not released the name of the nursing assistant who died.