Which nursing homes in Colorado have the highest rates of nursing home deaths? August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

COVID-19 has been a major issue for many residents and caregivers.

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment says more than 3,600 nursing homes and residential care facilities have been closed.

The state says about 40 percent of nursing homes have had more than 20 deaths, and the number of nursing facilities with at least 20 deaths is growing.

In the past two years, there have been more than 300 deaths at a number of facilities.

The most recent death occurred in January, when the Colorado Department for Health and Environmental Control said a nursing home in the town of Ferncliff, about 20 miles north of Boulder, had an additional 72 deaths due to the coronavirus.

The agency says the death was likely due to a respiratory illness.

The hospital, which had no employees or visitors, was shut down.

The Ferncliffs have a population of 1,500.

They were the first to be closed in January.

In 2016, a nursing homes home in Fort Collins closed because of the virus.

The number of deaths at the facility is unknown.

The next nursing home to close, the Mount Vernon Care Center, in Pueblo, had no staff at the time of the deaths.

In 2017, the agency said there were at least 17 deaths at three facilities.

Three other facilities, in Fort Smith, Fort Collins and Larimer, were also closed, and they have since reopened.

The deaths in 2018 were also linked to respiratory illness and the deaths in 2019 were linked to COVID.

At a hearing before the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, the director of the agency, Tom Reiter, said the nursing home facility in FernclIFF, which has an enrollment of 2,500 people, has had two additional deaths.

Reiter said the agency believes the number may be more.

“Our investigation continues,” he said.

Reister said there have also been cases at facilities in Longview, Boulder and Pueblot.

The Department of Public Health says it is investigating a case at a facility in Pahrump, but the agency says it does not have any information about a death at that facility.

The county coroner says he has not heard of a case linked to the virus at the nursing homes.

The federal government is working to make sure the nursing facility closures are being monitored closely.