Which of these two nursing homes will you be staying at? September 8, 2021 September 8, 2021 admin

New Orleans, La.

The Louisiana nursing home industry is in a tailspin, and the Bayview nursing homes on the edge of Lake Charles are facing an uncertain future.

Nursing homes across the state have been struggling to find long-term tenants for years as the market has fallen into a downturn.

The nursing homes are a major draw for tourists and residents looking to vacation with family.

But some residents fear the nursing homes may be leaving the city as their business model dies.

In November, Bayview and New Orleans became the latest nursing homes to close, saying the financial crisis put their operations out of business.

In February, Montefiore closed and said it was considering closing.

In June, Lafayette closed, citing financial difficulties.

Last month, Bayside announced it was ending its nursing home operations.

These are two of the most popular nursing homes in the state, but the fate of their fate is uncertain.

Louisiana nursing homes, like all health care institutions, have been hit by financial pressures, but there is no shortage of residents looking for a new home. 

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